Brief Bio

Johanna Padilla is a multi-talented Actor, Advocate, and Designer  located in Los Angeles California. As an out, proud, and visible Trans*-Queer Womyn of Color Johanna is  constantly working on creating positive impact and change for the LGBTQ+ community through advocacy  as she pursues her dreams in working in the fashion and entertainment industry. Johanna’s personal story is one of many  challenges from homeless as a young child, sexual assault, substance abuse and police discrimination. Through her personal journey of triumph Johanna has been able to move beyond her hardships and lead a thriving life. By day Johanna works as a Linkage and Retention Coordinator providing direct services to the Trans* Community while pursuing her  acting and modeling career in addition to working as a Freelance Designer and Consultant. On her off days Johanna works on her Youtube channel where she she combines her love for Advocacy and Beauty to create compelling and fun content.

Her Story in Fashion

Johanna  graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) with an A.A. in Fashion Design and an Advance A.A in Theater, Film, and TV Costume Design. She has worked as a Costume Technician  for J & M Costumers  where she worked on various projects including; Katy Perry’s Super Bowl 2015 Performance, Ariana Grande’s concert, Super Girl TV Series, and Miley Cyrus’s Younger Now Music Video to name a few. Johanna has also worked for companies such as Little Mass Inc., Jessica Fualkner, and SSS Apparel. As a Freelance Designer and Consultant Johanna works with non-non-profits such as The Wall La Memories Project, LA LGBT Center, Department of Human Relations, and with individual clients such as Gia Gunn from RuPuals Drag Race.

Working in Community

After working in the fashion and costume design industry that often profits off the  bodies and life styles of the LGBTQ+ Community Johanna decided  to get back in community work  and began working at The Wall Las Memorias Project(TWLMP) as a Community Organizer. During her employment at TWLP  Johanna grew into her position and created the first Transgender Advocacy Program Coordinator  & Marketing Designer position where she advocated for the Transgender Community and developed their first ever Transgender Program. There she created a successful Trans Woman’s support and empowerment group, provided Gender/LGBTQ+ 101 trainings, organized LGBTQ+ events, and HIV prevention education. In addition, Johanna has also been apart of creating Midnight Stroll; a partnership with APAIT and The Wall Las Memorias Project to provide services for the homeless trans-population in Los Angeles and  co-Founded Trans Haven LA; a collective led by Trans* people in order to help connect them to housing resources in Los Angeles. Johanna is currently sitting on the Board of Directors for CSW LA Pride creating Trans* inclusive programing and working at a Trans lead agency where she provides direct services to the Trans* Community.

An act away from Stardom

Through her work in community and her work in advocacy Johanna found herself auditioning for movie roles and modeling gigs. She soon  found herself landing her first role in the short film Afurea as a supporting lead character and soon after she  landed her first leading role in the film Myra, where she played the lead role. Johanna has since landed modeling gigs and acting gigs appearing in her first major campaign for Gileads Healthy Sexuals, BUZZFEED 360 video, TransParent series, Herstory web series, and most recently her Lead Feature in This Free Life Campaign. Johanna’s out spoken personality, strong presence, and standout height of 6 ft will catch your attention, but her ability to live in her truth and perform is what will captivate you into wanting more.